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Albuquerque Acupuncture For Pain and Discomfort

In a beautifully remodeled and relaxing professional acupuncture office, conveniently located across from Lovelace Women’s Hospital in Albuquerque, I utilize the best and most clinically proven techniques from modern acupuncture and Eastern medical traditions for the safe, natural and effective treatment of all types of chronic and acute pain and discomfort.

My specialized acupuncture training, skills and experience allow me to effectively treat common and complex pain issues using proven natural means while achieving lasting results.

“Prepare to be amazed by Dr Connell’s acupuncture.”

Come in for a consultation and try a treatment. In most cases I can achieve substantial pain relief at the first visit. I will address all of your questions and concerns honestly and professionally. There is never any obligation to continue. I will provide an honest assessment and thoughtful discussion with you about the results I believe I can achieve in your case. A consultation and 1st acupuncture treatment is the best way to get more information.

“My only regret is that I didn’t come in earlier. I could have been free of pain so much sooner”

To make an appointment for a consultation and acupuncture treatment, give us a call. (505) 872-0700.

“This is not that wu wu acupuncture you fear. This is real therapy with real and lasting results.”

We accept checks and all major Credit/Debit Cards.

Dr Connell is an in-network provider with most NM health insurance plans, including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Presbyterian, Cigna, United, Optum, New Mexico Health Connections and others – Call us to inquire. We can bill most treatments to insurance. Most NM policies have an acupuncture benefit. We can bill Auto Insurance or your Worker’s Compensation Insurance if there is an open claim. Medicare does not have a primary acupuncture benefit, but most Medicare supplemental policies written in NM do have an acupuncture benefit. Medicaid, Centennial Care and SCI Plans do not currently have an acupuncture benefit.


“Dr Richard and Megan Connell are two of the most genuine and sincere people I’ve come to know.”

“I have received the best quality care here from anyone I have seen in a very long time.”

“After two sessions of acupuncture my pain was completely gone and has not returned 2 months later”

“Dr. Connell’s acupuncture is very gentle and I had a reduction in my pain after the first visit.

“I have a right hand that I can use again. Thank you Dr Connell.”

“Now I can enjoy my life without pain and headaches.”

“Dr Connell fixed me when other doctors told me there was nothing that could be done”

“I’m still a bit shocked at the noticeable difference in my pain.“

“Thanks to Dr Connell’s Acupuncture, I have been back pain free for 3 weeks now and still can’t believe it.”

“Nothing has come close to the way I feel after an acupuncture treatment by Dr. Connell!”

“The Acupuncture experience was pain free. The results have been amazing.”

“Thanks to Dr Connell’s treatments, I can breath again. I am off my steroid, Zicam and Benadryl.”

“After 4 acupuncture sessions with Dr. Connell my back is back to normal. Thanks a ton!”

“If you are even considering acupuncture, go here.”

“Dr. Connell has really taken the time to treat my pain condition.”

“Dr. Connell’s manner is wonderful and he is easy to communicate with.”

“I was skeptical but Dr. Connell’s Acupuncture has cured my headaches“

“Before I saw Dr. Connell, I was getting migraines at least twice a week… I have not had a migraine in 2 weeks.”

“Dr. Connell’s acupuncture is very gentle and I had a reduction in my pain after the first visit.

“I recommend Dr Connell for acupuncture without hesitation.”

“Thank you, again, so much for helping me overcome the pain in my feet!”

“If you want the very best care, come here to heal!”

“A Doctor who cares in a friendly atmosphere. I would highly recommend him.”

“My NAET allergy treatments made it possible to enjoy dairy again after 20 years.”

“Amazed doesn’t even begin to express how I feel- I am grateful beyond words.”

*This site includes many honest testimonials from real patients of Dr Connell. *No guarantee of specific results are implied as results of acupuncture can vary due to many factors.

To schedule a consultation and results oriented acupuncture treatment with Richard Connell in his Albuquerque office, call (505) 872-0700..

Acupuncture for Lasting Pain Relief in Albuquerque.

Acupuncture Albuquerque, NM 87109 Pain Specialist Licensed Acupuncturist for Allergies and Pain

Richard A Connell, DOM is a pain specialist, Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Licensed Acupuncturist in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Dr Connell is a highly qualified and experienced Acupuncturist. He is nationally board certified (Highest NCCAOM Diplomat status) in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. He has more than fifteen years of experience successfully treating common and complex pain issues with Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine. Dr Connell keeps up with current research and utilizes the best and most appropriate Acupuncture techniques for the safe, natural and effective treatment and rehabilitation from all types of pain and discomfort.

Pain Management Cover Article Featuring Richard A Connell, DOM Licensed Acupuncturist 12 school Street Albuquerque, NM 87109

Albuquerque Journal Cover Story Featuring Dr Connell

Why Acupuncture For Pain Relief? 

“It seems that a lot of my patients consider acupuncture and find me after they have tried almost everything else to relieve their pain and discomfort. Nothing has helped or worked as well as they hoped or they didn’t like the answers they received from other healthcare providers. Maybe they didn’t like the drugs or painkillers they were prescribed. These are the cases that I thrive on. I love the challenge and usually up to it because I have unique skills, techniques and experience that I put into my acupuncture treatments. It is extremely gratifying to be able to help people with health problems that they thought were beyond help or that they feared they just had to live with.”

Why Choose Dr Connell As Your Acupuncturist For Pain Relief in Albuquerque?

Dr Connell received his Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine training and graduate medical degree at Southwest Acupuncture College in Santa Fe, NM, where he subsequently was an Associate Professor, teaching specialized and advanced acupuncture and manual therapy techniques. He also graduated from East-West Healing Arts Institute in Madison, WI with a specialty in Asian Bodywork and Eastern Medical Massage. During that time he apprenticed with a famous Chinese Acupuncturist. Dr Connell also attended The Wat Po Traditional Medical School in Bangkok, Thailand, where he earned his Certification in Traditional Thai Massage. He earned a yoga instructors certificate after intensive study in Rishikesh, India. 

“I achieve the fastest, most thorough, and longest lasting results for each patient by combining all of my unique knowledge and skills into a very effective acupuncture treatment.”

Learn more about Dr Connell’s expertise and success with acupuncture for pain call his Albuquerque, NM office at (505) 872-0700.

Acupuncture Pain Specialist in Albuquerque

Albuquerque Acupuncturist Pain Management

Acupuncture for Pain Management in Albuquerque, NM.

Richard A. Connell, DOM is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Licensed Acupuncturist and pain specialist who uses acupuncture to treat acute and chronic pain and discomfort in Albuquerque, NM. His amazing record of pain relief success can be attributed to several factors. Foremost, his training and experience includes thousands of hours of specialized acupuncture techniques to control and treat pain. Many of his most effective and specialized pain relieving acupuncture techniques he developed himself and are not available from any other acupuncture practitioners.

Acupuncture needles are thin for pain Management Acupuncture in Albuquerque

Dr Connell also takes extra steps to ensure that the acupuncture treatment itself doesn’t contribute to any pain a patient may be experiencing. He uses extremely thin acupuncture needles, even by acupuncture standards, thus making his acupuncture treatments virtually painless. In many instances, pain relief can be immediate and patients have even reported a euphoric sensation during the acupuncture treatments.

If you have been afraid of trying acupuncture or if you are nervous about the treatment, let us know when you arrive for your first acupuncture treatment. Dr Connell has been an acupuncturist a long time and is very experienced. We will make every effort to make you comfortable with the whole acupuncture process. Most patient’s anxiety is removed after speaking with us and after the first acupuncture needle is inserted. It is very rare when the overall acupuncture experience is not pleasant and rewarding.



Thin Needles Acupuncture for Pain Relief Albuquerque

A dozen of my super thin, pain free acupuncture needles fit inside a regular hypodermic needle used of injections.


Learn more about Dr Connell’s expertise and success with acupuncture for pain management. To schedule a consultation and treatment call his Albuquerque, NM office at (505) 872-0700.


Dr Connell’s Albuquerque Acupuncture Pain Clinic – Location

Dr Connell’s acupuncture pain clinic is located at 4600 Montgomery Blvd. NE, Building A, Suite 101 in Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109 – Across from the Lovelace Women’s Hospital.

Because of his outstanding reputation and unique skills, patients regularly travel from all over New Mexico and beyond for pain relieving acupuncture treatments with Richard Connell, DOM.

Available by appointment only. Call (505) 872-0700 for an appointment.

Dr Connell’s Albuquerque Acupuncture clinic is at 4600 Montgomery Blvd NE, Building A, Suite 101. We are across Montgomery from the Lovelace Women’s Hospital in the Courtyard at Monroe Professional Office Complex. To get to our office turn south at the traffic signal onto Monroe, Building A is the first Building of the complex and is clearly marked as 4600 Montgomery, Building A. There is ample parking to your left as you pull into the lot and immediately in front of the building entrance. Our suite is the first suite on the left on the first floor. It is clearly marked Suite 101 – Richard Connell, DOM – Acupuncture.

Richard A Connell, DOM
4600 Montgomery Blvd NE
Building A, Suite 101
Albuquerque, NM 87109
Opening Hours
Monday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Tuesday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Wednesday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Thursday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Some of My Google Reviews

Conny Anthony
Conny Anthony
20:10 10 Jun 15
The experience was basically pain free. The results have been amazing. After 4 sessions with Richard my back is back to normal...Thanks a ton! Dr Connell is absolutely the most professional acupuncturist around. He is not only talented and gets amazing results he is exceptionally honest. Treatments with him are truly extraordinary. A gifted healer who raises acupuncture to the highest level.
D Madden
D Madden
20:39 10 May 14
I had been suffering from nearly daily migraine headaches for about 6 months; which were having a significant impact on my work and home life. My MD prescribed a medication that mostly took the migraine away, but left me so drowsy and clouded that I could not take it during the day (I nicknamed the medication "my stupid pills"). My MD also prescribed an anti-seizure medications that I would have to take daily and had a long list of possible side effects, including potential eye damage. This all led me to consider non-traditional treatments. I have now been undergoing treatments for just over a month, and I have not had a full blown migraine in 2 weeks. I feel like a new person!!!. An unexpected and really welcome side effect has been that my mood is significantly better; I have been able to manage the daily stress so much easier. I would recommend Dr. Connell to anyone that is struggling with chronic pain. It amazes me every time he can make some ache or pain go away by placing a needle in a completely unrelated (in my mind) place.
Bill DeGroot
Bill DeGroot
23:26 15 May 13
Dr. Connell is an extremely credible Doctor of Oriental Medicine. He has conducted a series of interventions that have solved my allergy problems. He has a complementary background in alternative medicine that allow him to address a variety of conditions in a thorough professional manner. I have found that his holistic approach complements my approach to fitness, sport activities and nutrition. I recommend him without hesitation.
Lucille G
Lucille G
11:40 22 Jul 15
Ten years ago I had a blood test done that revealed I had multiple food allergies to common foods, including soy, wheat, sesame, beans, cow’s dairy, chicken, and a variety of nuts. Although I was relieved to discover why I had been so ill, it has been a hard ten years of strict diet. If I deviated even a little I found that I spent days afterward feeling rough, with problems that included rashes, foggy-head, dizziness, tiredness, upset tummy and throat infections [from constant post-nasal drip], and hay fever. I would wake up at four in the morning coughing and sneezing and sick, and very upset with myself for “not just eating the salad”. I saw many doctors, both standard and natural, all quite expensive. None of them helped. I felt a great deal of despair, like my health was winding down and I couldn’t find anyone who could even begin to help. In January I began treatments with Dr. Connell. The treatment method is gentle, and seems simple- so much so that I was skeptical at first, but Dr. Connell’s immense enthusiasm and sincerity was encouraging. He actually listens to you, considers your symptoms, and gets back to you having thought about what you told him. You can tell he genuinely cares about healing people. I continued the treatments for three months, during the course of which I began to get better. First slowly, then drastically. Amazed doesn’t even begin to express how I feel- I am grateful beyond words. I can go out and eat a sandwich, or some ice-cream! I can breath again. Rashes, gone. Hayfever, gone. No more awful drowsy antihistamines, no more boxes and boxes of tissue, no more days & nights of weak dizzy ick. I feel healthy, like a normal person. Dr. Connell fixed me, when other doctors told me there was nothing that could be done. If you know someone who suffers from allergies, please send them to Dr. Connell. Even if they’ve been to a bunch of doctors- this one is different. I cannot say enough to thank both Richard & Megan.
C Frick
C Frick
00:29 02 May 14
Dr Connell will exceed all of your expectations. He raises acupuncture to the highest level of professionalism and integrity. He got amazing results with me when no one else could. Don't waste your time with any other acupuncturist in town. He is absolutely the best.
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