Insurance Pays for Acupuncture in Albuquerque.

Most New Mexico policies have an acupuncture benefit.

Dr Richard A Connell is an in-network provider with most NM health insurance plans, including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Presbyterian, Cigna, United, Optum, New Mexico Health Connections and others.

If You have any questions about insurance and acupuncture call us at 505-872-0700 to inquire.

We can bill most treatments to insurance. Most NM policies have an acupuncture benefit.

We can bill Auto Insurance or your Worker’s Compensation Insurance if there is an open claim.

Medicare does not have a primary acupuncture benefit, but most Medicare supplemental policies written in NM do have an acupuncture benefit.

Medicaid, Centennial Care and SCI Plans do not currently have an acupuncture benefit.

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