What is NAET Allergy Treatment?

Dr Richard Connell – NAET Allergy Treatment in Albuquerque, NM

NAET® is a holistic treatment for allergies. NAET is growing in popularity due to its claim that practitioners can treat allergies and all other types of sensitivities. Nambudripad’s treatment for any specific allergen is a composite of energy balancing techniques, clinical muscle responsive testing, acupressure, and 24 hour avoidance. NAET states the ability to desensitize individuals from allergens by non-invasive, pharmaceutical-free intervention.

In November 1983, Doctor Devi S. Nambudripad founded NAET. Since then, healthcare practitioners have incorporated her treatments into their practice. The treatment follows simple sets of techniques and protocols for an allergen. When followed correctly, and determinant upon the severity of the allergen, individual allergens may be treated in just a couple of treatments. NAET protocol amends, however, that only one allergen is treated at a time. If an individual is not seriously immunocompromised, each allergen can be alleviated by these techniques and treatments.

NAET protocol suggests that patients be treated for 15 basic allergens, comprising the first 15 treatments of the participants. The basic 15 allergens were treated sequentially: BBF (brain-body formula), egg, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin B complex, sugar, iron, vitamin A, mineral, salt, grain, yeast, stomach acid, base, and hormone mix. If necessary, any remaining testing and treatments focus on specific allergens and those related to specific complaints.

In the treatments, patients hold a glass vial containing the specified allergen as the practitioner stimulates the nerve roots on both sides of the spine. Acupuncture needles are then inserted to acupuncture points on the hands and feet.  The patients then remain in the clinic for 15 minutes holding the vial, after which the needles are removed and they are instructed to avoid exposure to the allergen for at least 25 hours.

The NAET hypothesis is that the presence of an opposing electromagnetic field from a substance may adversely affect the energy of the human body. A disturbance in the energy pathways leads to muscle spasms near the spinal nerve roots, causing misalignments of the nervous system and ultimately leading to the symptoms associated with disease or allergic processes. While in the presence of the allergen, stimulation of the spinal nerves relieves these misalignments, and effectively reprograms the energy pathways to tolerate the allergen and prevent reactions.

The mechanism of action of NAET treatments as it relates to immunological activity is not fully understood at this point. Although it may be thought that the treatment mechanism is due to a placebo effect, this is an illogical argument. For a placebo effect to be effective one must believe that treatments or medications are genuinely authentic and beneficial. Some participants have known for several years that peanuts are hazardous to their health and potentially fatal. During a independently studied peanut challenge, these fears often overwhelmed confidence in the NAET treatments. Fear of potential consequences was manifest in many of the participants through anxiety, apprehension, and nervousness. With such emotions present, the placebo effect cannot be successful.

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