For 3 years, I’ve been battling allergies with a very sudden & unusual allergic reaction to a wide range of foods. I’ve been to my PCP, an allergy specialist, a nutritionist, and a DOM and no one has been able to help me. After a few weeks with Dr. Connell, my allergy is 90% improved. We are still in the process of treating a few remaining substances that I am allergic to, but I’m certain it will be successful! I’ve also had an injury to my hands that I’ve been dealing with pain from for almost a year. This pain greatly impacted all I do, from cooking, to driving, even rolling over in my sleep was terribly painful! Dr. Connell treated this pain problem as well and has reduced my pain by probably 75%! I’m so grateful I found Megan & Rick at Allergy & Pain Solutions! Thanks to you both for all you’ve done!!