I had been suffering from nearly daily migraine headaches for about 6 months; which were having a significant impact on my work and home life. My MD prescribed a medication that mostly took the migraine away, but left me so drowsy and clouded that I could not take it during the day (I nicknamed the medication “my stupid pills”). My MD also prescribed an anti-seizure medications that I would have to take daily and had a long list of possible side effects, including potential eye damage. This all led me to consider non-traditional treatments. I have now been undergoing acupuncture treatments for just over a month, and I have not had a full blown migraine in 2 weeks. I feel like a new person!!!. An unexpected and really welcome side effect has been that my mood is significantly better; I have been able to manage the daily stress so much easier. I would recommend Dr. Connell to anyone that is struggling with chronic pain. It amazes me every time he can make some ache or pain go away by placing a needle in a completely unrelated (in my mind) place.