This place really works. I have had acupuncture treatments in the past for allergies and for chronic back pain, but never had long lasting relief. First I was amazed at how through Dr. Connell’s intake was – he spent at least 30 min just asking questions about my symptoms and history before my acupuncture treatment. Second I have never had a acupuncturist spend so much time taking my pulse, and telling me what was being found. Then came the treatment. Dr. Connell is very gentle and I had a reduction in my pain after the first visit. But then Dr. Connell recommended that I see Megan for some massage therapy. Megan is a miracle worker!!! She found the muscles in my low back that had been painful since my teens and worked them out. Dont get me wrong the treatments hurt – I told her I was willing to put up with the pain to get faster results- and it took several treatments; but I have now been 100% pain free for 3 months. Something that I had given up hope of ever being able to say. If you are even considering acupuncture for chronic pain – go here. You will be amazed at what these 2 can do for you.