I had been having severe pain from headaches almost every day for several weeks. I went to see Dr. Connell and had immediate pain relief. I have been to other acupuncture clinics in the past, but never received such an in-depth evaluation. Before giving me my first acupuncture treatment Dr. Connell spent at least 45 min talking to me and getting all of my symptoms – not just focusing on the headaches. He gave me an acupuncture treatment that day and recommended weekly visits with him and his massage therapist. It has been 12 weeks now and I am completely pain free. Megan – massage therapist- even identified and treated my low back pain. I have had back pain for 20 years and had given up hope of ever being pain free – I have been back pain free for 3 weeks now and still can’s believe it. I would HIGHLY recommend both Megan and Dr. Connell to anyone having pain – especially chronic pain. They can help! I never would have believed it myself, but I am living proof.