Ten years ago I had a blood test done that revealed I had multiple food allergies to common foods, including soy, wheat, sesame, beans, cow’s dairy, chicken, and a variety of nuts. Although I was relieved to discover why I had been so ill, it has been a hard ten years of strict diet. If I deviated even a little I found that I spent days afterward feeling rough, with problems that included rashes, foggy-head, dizziness, tiredness, upset tummy and throat infections [from constant post-nasal drip], and hay fever. I would wake up at four in the morning coughing and sneezing and sick, and very upset with myself for “not just eating the salad”. I saw many doctors, both standard and natural, all quite expensive. None of them helped. I felt a great deal of despair, like my health was winding down and I couldn’t find anyone who could even begin to help.   In January I began treatments with Dr. Connell. The treatment method is gentle, and seems simple- so much so that I was skeptical at first, but Dr. Connell’s immense enthusiasm and sincerity was encouraging. He actually listens to you, considers your symptoms, and gets back to you having thought about what you told him. You can tell he genuinely cares about healing people. I continued the treatments for three months, during the course of which I began to get better. First slowly, then drastically.   Amazed doesn’t even begin to express how I feel- I am grateful beyond words. I can go out and eat a sandwich, or some ice-cream! I can breath again. Rashes, gone. Hayfever, gone. No more awful drowsy antihistamines, no more boxes and boxes of tissue, no more days & nights of weak dizzy ick. I feel healthy, like a normal person. Dr. Connell fixed me, when other doctors told me there was nothing that could be done.  If you know someone who suffers from allergies, please send them to Dr. Connell. Even if they’ve been to a bunch of doctors- this one is different. I cannot say enough to thank both Richard & Megan.